Water droplet photography

We knew when we were designing it that the Pi would make a great bit of digital/real-world meccano. We hoped we’d see a lot of projects we hadn’t considered ourselves being made with it. We’re never so surprised by what people do with it as we are by some of the photography projects we see.

Using a €15 solenoid valve, some Python and a Raspberry Pi to trigger the valve and the camera shutter at the same time, Dave has built a rig for taking water droplet photographs.

Click the image to visit Dave’s site for instructions.

I remember the first time I saw droplet photographs as a little girl back in the early 80s,  in one of my grandma’s National Geographic Magazines. Back then, this sort of technique was completely out of the reach of the amateur photographer. Now, it’s actually very cheap to set up yourself, and surprisingly simple.

Dave has documented everything he did to make the setup; it’s very approachable, and even if you’re a photographer with little electronics experience, you should be able to make your own. Visit Dave’s site for full and easy-to-follow instructions – and let us know how you got on!