Video: QtQuickPlayground running on Raspberry Pi

Here’s some video to keep you interested while we busy ourselves sifting through a neck-deep pile of entries for the logo competition. This is QtQuickPlayground, an example application which demonstrates QtQuick, running under Mer. QtQuick is new to me (it probably is to you too, unless you’re intimate with the innards of your Nokia phone) – it allows the user to build UIs and apps, and here it’s running unaccelerated. The developers at Maemo say acceleration is their next job, but it’s still looking pretty good.¬†Thanks again to Martin Brook for doing the development work on this.

In logo competition news, we’d like to thank you all for your entries – we’ve been pretty overwhelmed by the response. I’ll be posting the shortlist of the very best that we ended up choosing from along with the winner when we’ve come to a decision early next week.