Video from Maker Faire

Many thanks to, who took this video (we got some too, but Eben prefers the angle they took theirs at, which doesn’t make him look as if the microphone is a really bad moustache). It’s pretty long at nearly 19 minutes, but we hope you watch at least a bit of it. It’s a demo presentation, where Eben shows Raspberry Pi running 1080p video, and the Quake 3 demo you’ve already seen here, alongside some talk about what the foundation’s doing, what the board does, and a Q&A session. It was really satisfying to see the Live Stage tent fill up for the talk to the point where there was standing room only.

I’ve got some more video from the day that I’ll put on the site later. A huge thank you to everyone who came to New York to see us, especially our board members and A, who came all the way from Pittsburgh just to have a look at a Raspberry Pi.

Most of all, I was really, really encouraged to meet some of the kids we’re aiming the device at – some of the day’s most intelligent and thoughtful questions came from the under-13s. There are some incredible ideas floating around out there for projects schools can do with the boards; we really want to see some of the younger people who are interested in Raspberry Pi relaying the news that we’re launching soon to the relevant teachers at their schools. I didn’t get everyone’s name, but I’d like to call out Andrew Katz in particular, an Arduino hacker with some very cool ideas, who had his own stand near ours, and who wants a Raspberry Pi for his birthday. We should be launching in time for Andrew to get one – I hope a hefty number of you will be buying one too!

If you were at Maker Faire and took pictures or video, please feel free to leave them in the comments here or email them to me at I’d love to see if anyone managed to get a picture of me with my mouth shut…

(ETA: there are some more pictures from the day here on the forum – thanks, @PaulDow!)