Useless Duck Company

The Useless Duck Company’s very splendid videos, demonstrating some of their thoughtful and helpful Internet of Things applications, have been making us LITERALLY DIE WITH HAPPINESS (literally!) ever since we discovered them. Even better: we got in touch with the Chief Duck, and he let us know which of his inventions use a Raspberry Pi. Here are two of the most safe-for-work ones.

Sock Removal Robot

Two months ago I made an app for removing socks, but people complained that you need a dog for it to work. I made this robot so everyone can use my app! Patreon – Instagram – Twitter – Facebook – Music by

Wireless baby crib

If your baby does not fall asleep after use simply press the button again. Instagram – Twitter – Facebook – Intro music by

Useless Duck Company, we salute you. Please invent something to clear up the coffee we’ve all spat across our desks.