Update from RS Components

I’m just off the plane, and back in Blighty. (It is about 20° C colder than it was in California, and I am not happy.) This was waiting in my inbox when I opened my email, and I suspect you’ll want to share it. The good folks from RS will be answering your questions in the comments below, so please dive in!

Order Update from RS

This week there’s more good news on availability of Raspberry Pi’s from RS and Allied Electronics.  Our next shipment of 4,000 boards is on route to us, and we’ll be shipping them out direct to customers as soon as they arrive in our warehouse. This means we have been able to invite the next 4,000 people in our queue into the Raspberry Pi online store to place their orders.

We know that still leaves many of you in the queue wanting to know when you can place your order for a Raspberry Pi.  Happily we’re making good progress with volume production quantities, and that will allow us to invite the next 75,000 people in the queue to place their order over the next few weeks so we can deliver your Pi’s during June and into July.

We will be keeping our promise to invite people to order in line with when you first registered with us, so no-one will lose their place in the queue as we move into volume production. We will also continue to invite people to order only when we know we will be receiving deliveries so that we give you a guaranteed delivery date and fulfil your order. There will be more news on this next week, so please bear with us while we finalise these arrangements.

For those not in the first 75,000 we will continue to keep you updated and will invite you to order as soon as we possibly can.

In the meantime keep up-to-date with the latest information regarding Raspberry Pi on http://www.designspark.com/theme/raspberrypi. Find out what happened when some initial Raspberry Pi users met-up to discuss using the board as an open-source tool.  Read the latest blog from one of our DesignSpark members, an ICT tutor who has just received his Raspberry Pi. Or find out about how your board can be used as a media centre.

Thank you for your continued patience and interest in Raspberry Pi

Jo and all the RS Raspberry Pi Team