Tuesday video grab bag

First up, here’s our friend Pete from RS talking about the Raspberry Pi’s potential in education. When he talks about Christmas, Pete is joking, so please don’t spam the comments in horror.

Meanwhile, in America, the guys at Adafruit have been busy making add-on boards (they’re calling them “plates”) for the Raspberry Pi. We think this is really exciting stuff. (Eben shouts from across the room: “It’s awesome!”, and I agree.)

Dave Honess has compiled Open Transport Tycoon for his Raspberry Pi, following the instructions at http://wiki.openttd.org/Compiling_on_Linux – he shares the results here. I now expect global productivity to take a slight dip while everybody with a Raspberry Pi drops what they’re doing to play Open TTD.

Dave says in an email:

Yeah, the binaries can be downloaded from here:

I think Hexxeh’s version will be better when he’s finished it though – as he’s porting it to work outside of the X desktop and also to the the gpu acceleration. Mine is just a straight svn checkout and build with no code changes. So we should tell everyone to use his one when it’s done!

Thanks Dave! [Update, 1400h PST – Dave would also like me to draw your attention to a blog post he’s written on the subject, which contains some more instructions.]