Guests blog #3: This kind of sums it up for me….

I’ve spent much of today reading through the delightfully turgid folder of guest blog submissions and I was having a really tough time picking the next entry. Should it be technical? Educational? Just plain daft? Did it have enough documentation? Were the pictures good enough? Was it time for a glass of refreshing barley water?

And then I found this short piece from Jonathan Morris. In two hundred words and a couple of pictures, Jonathan sums up what we do at the Raspberry Pi Foundation far better than I ever could. Thanks Jonathan, we love what you are doing!

Hello, My name is Jonathan Morris. I am 10 years old and you guessed it…American!

For my birthday this year I received a Raspberry Pi. I was overjoyed! I wanted to put my Pi to use so I waited and waited for a good opportunity. My Fourth Grade class had been studying the Industrial Era and our final Project was the Invention Convention. The Invention Convention is where you become the inventor (Instead of studying one). (By the way the project’s name is Deliver-E.) So I bought a small wooden box and a doorbell.

Using a Python script and a PiFace Digital, I programmed the mailbox and doorbell to send you emails when either rung or opened. For instance if rang the doorbell, you would receive an email saying “Someone rang your doorbell at (Date/Time).” Same with the mailbox. When I checked the inbox of the project’s Gmail, I had over 115 emails! As of now I am integrating a USB Webcam into the project so when you ring the doorbell it takes a picture and attaches it to the email so you can see who exactly was at your door.