The Raspithon’s finished!

Ben, Luke, Ryan and Edward coded for 48 hours solid. And they created a very neat-looking game called Rasperroids; demonstrated to everyone (except that one guy) who dropped into their channel just how much fun coding can be; learned a lot; and raised more than £500 for the Raspberry Pi Foundation, for which we’re enormously grateful.

Ben play-tests the finished Rasperroids

You can download the code they wrote over the 48 hour marathon at Github.

I was pointed on Twitter at some thoughts from Richard West about the project, and what it means in context with concepts like paired programming and Agile (stuff that I suspect the Raspithon guys hadn’t ever encountered; they just sat down and worked out a collaborative programming model on their own). Richard’s post is well worth a read.

We are impressed, inspired and really touched by Ryan, Edward, Ben and Luke’s application, skill and thoughtfulness. Well done, guys – let’s do it again next year!