The Punnet – a card case for you to print (for free)

E, who surely has the least Googlable name of all our forum members, has made a really excellent little card case for the Raspberry Pi. (Please let me know what your real name is, E, if you’d like me to credit you properly!) It’s something you can print at home; if your printer won’t take card that’s heavy enough, just print it on paper and trace it onto the card.

The Punnet. Click for a PDF to print, cut out and fold.

E says in his associated forum post that this is an alpha version of the Punnet; he’s not been able to test it with a Raspberry Pi because he’s one of the poor souls who’s still waiting for his, and people have reported that a couple of the ports are a little off. You can download a final version, with ports in the right place, from SquareItRound – there is also a zipped SVG version you can edit yourselves for modding purposes. Have a go and let us know how you get on!