The MagPi, issue 2

I’m still on holiday, but popped the lid of the laptop for long enough to pick up a mail I was expecting today from Ash Stone, editor of the Raspberry Pi’s very own community-run magazine, The MagPi, letting me know that a new edition is out today. I can’t believe it’s a whole month since the first one came out; time’s flashing by for us at the moment. Issue 2 is now available online (the front page of the MagPi website now has links to PDFs for those of you who didn’t like the Flash interface). It’s a free download, full of articles written by members of the Raspberry Pi community, listings for you to type in if you’re learning to program, more on that robot arm, tips on setting up your Raspberry Pi’s SD card, and a two-page spread dissecting a Raspi (gulp).

The MagPi. Click to go to the magazine website.

The MagPi team and the Raspberry Pi Foundation have been really amazed at the reception last month’s magazine had, with encouraging reviews from the Wall St Journal, Rory Cellan-Jones at the BBC, and other bits of the dead-tree and online media we didn’t even think were watching. Thanks again – enormous thanks – to Ash and all the rest of the team. Putting this sort of thing together isn’t simple, and it’s orders of magnitude harder to do it so well; we’re so impressed with the work you’ve all been producing. If you like the magazine too, please think about submitting an article. Contact details are available in the MagPi itself.

And with that, I’ll get back to the bowl of mulberries I was picking earlier and a glass of ouzo. I’m back next week, when normal service will resume.