The first auctions are live!

You can bid for boards 10 and 09 by clicking on the links. I have just got back from an evening of New Year’s carousing, and I’m absolutely overwhelmed by the bids we’ve attracted already – thank you very, very much, everybody. We really weren’t expecting to see this level of interest, and we’re quite humbled by it.

Inevitably, there has been a (pretty minimal, but still very aggravating) screw-up. Boards number 10 and 09 appear to be open to UK bidders only. This is not actually the case, but because I failed miserably to tick one of the eBay interface’s many hundreds of boxes when setting up the auctions, overseas bidders may think they’re not able to put in a bid. It’s fixed for all the other auctions, but because we didn’t notice this before these two went live, we’re stuck with it.

If you’re not in the UK and you would like to bid on board 10 or board 09, you can still bid by using your regular username and password on rather than your local eBay site. If you would like to participate and are still having problems, please message us through eBay using the links above – NOT HERE, and we will add you to an exemption list.

Oh – and a happy New Year! I hope the Mayans were wrong, or I’ll have wasted an awful lot of time here.