Test Tim’s New Scratch Beta

Update: from now on, you’ll be able to find the most recent beta release of Scratch, and report any issues, on GitHub.

Since we wrote about our efforts to port Scratch to modern version of the Squeak VM back in January, Tim Rowledge has been beavering away, fixing the bugs you found and adding in the remaining features. We now have something which we feel is very nearly ready for release, and we’d like your help in shaking out any remaining issues: this will be the version of Scratch that ships with the Raspberry Pi in the next academic year, so it’s critical we find these issues now. We are particularly interested in any internationalisation bugs that may have been introduced, or any incompatibilities with the old version.


If you’d like to have a play, you can download the beta here. From the shell, decompress the archive by typing:

tar -xzvf NuScratchBeta4.tgz

and run Scratch by typing:


If you find any bugs please leave a comment under this post – we’ll get right on them. Thank you!