Alex Eames from RasPi.tv has really outdone himself this time: he’s using a Wiimote and a Gertboard to make his Pi control a splendid array of motors and solenoids, complete with little flags and metal teacups that go ping. More flap-whizz-ding-vroom to your elbow, Alex. This is one of the best Gertboard demos I’ve seen so … Continue reading →
Farnell have just announced that they have stock of assembled Gertboards. We’ve seen them on element14 and on Farnell: at the time of writing, 1600 of them were available for £30. For more about Gertboard, see our previous posts. Then head on over and order one! … Continue reading →
RS weren’t the only people with Pis at Electronica: Farnell were there too, so we had representation from 100% of our core distributors. Pete Lomas (you should know who Pete is by now) and Gert (ditto) were there with them, and took the time to give some interviews to our good Farnell buddy Mike Powell. … Continue reading →
Mike Cook, a regular Raspberry Pi contributor and electronics Superman, videoed himself building a Gertboard. Mike claims that it’s time-lapse (or GertLapse to use Mike’s phrase, although this sounds like something unspeakable has happened to poor old Gert). But we all know that it’s actually real time and that Mike used a gimmicked clock just … Continue reading →
Gert sent me this. I thought you might enjoy it. … Continue reading →
If you’re a regular on this website, you’ll be familiar with this name. Gert van Loo, an all-round good egg and upstanding gentleman, designed the original alpha hardware that the Raspberry Pi Model B is based on. Many of you will be aware of the Gertboard, a little add-on board designed by Gert for the Raspberry … Continue reading →
Just a little something to whet your appetite for an announcement that’s coming later in the week. … Continue reading →
Blimey, that was good. We spent Saturday with just under 300 of you at the Cambridge Raspberry Jam. After an afternoon of talks and demos, we staged a takeover of West Cambridge’s pubs; there were enough Raspberry Pis spread out on the tables at The Punter to drive the robotics for a fairly large factory. … Continue reading →
Gert has had a lot of requests from you guys for the software used in the last Gertboard video (Gertboard, for those who are new round here, is a GPIO expansion board you can use to get your Raspberry Pi to drive motors, lights, sensors and all that good stuff.) For now, you can download … Continue reading →
Here’s some video from Gert on the new revision of Gertboard, an expansion board for the Raspberry Pi which brings out the GPIO. There are some lovely demos of Gertboard enabling the Raspberry Pi to work with an analog slider controller and a motor here. Apologies to Gert, who sent me this last week while … Continue reading →