SX Create 2016

The last few weeks have turned out to be a big (and busy) time for us at Raspberry Pi! We celebrated our fourth birthday and the release of Raspberry Pi 3 in Cambridge, and wrapped up the month in Austin, Texas during SXSW Interactive, the event that draws techie geeks and enthusiasts.

Raspberry Pi on Twitter

Day two of #SXCreate begins NOW! @pcsforme has a fresh batch of Pi 3s for sale. And come try out the Sense HAT!

So what did we do all day at SXSW (other than find some of the best BBQ this country has to offer)? Some of us on the The Raspberry Pi team set up a hands-on Sense HAT activity for participants at SX Create, a family-friendly event with some of our favorite maker companies as well as local projects from some of Austin’s up-and-coming entrepreneurs. Our activity introduced basic point-and-click control of the HAT’s on-board LEDs and included a programming challenge to get data from its sensors and display it as text on the LED matrix.

Even the Raspberry Pi team couldn’t resist sitting down to have a go.

Raspberry Pi SX Team 1000

Ethan, the founder of PCs for Me, joined us in the booth for the weekend. Ethan creates Raspberry Pi kits that include all the components you need to jump-start your own projects at home; some are based on our own educational resources. He helped get Raspberry Pi 3s into the hands of eager buyers. His stock of Pi 3s didn’t last long, once the word got out to the tech-savvy crowd of SXSW.

Lucie deLaBruere on Twitter

I just got my hands on my first @Raspberry_Pi 3 from young entrepreneurs at #sxsw

PCs for Me on Twitter

And the last Pi 3 (for real this time) goes to Anuhar!

Fun fact: We met Ethan a year ago at SXSW, and we were so thrilled he decided to be a part of the Raspberry Pi team for the weekend.

In an event that’s as big as SXSW, we still managed to be among some of our friends – long-standing forum contributors, our newest Raspberry Pi Certified Educators, and librarians we’ve been in touch with – in addition to kids jumping in on the HAT activity and parents looking at projects they could do at home. We also met some new friends: Pi users who were just coming into the fold, and longtime community members who shared some brilliant projects created with three different models of Raspberry Pi!

Sense HAT SX Create

Although we were excited to show off Raspberry Pi 3, we were especially looking forward to meeting members of our community. It’s exactly what we love about events like this. If you get the chance, join us at our upcoming events – you can find us at the at the following shows across the US:

We would love to meet you!