String pong

If you’re not a daily reader of this website, you might have missed our big news last week: The MagPi, our official magazine, is no longer a download-only magazine; you can now buy or subscribe to a print copy. Lots of you have been sending us photos of your own MagPis. Here’s a small selection; we’ll be publishing some of them in the magazine itself, so keep them coming – you can send them to [email protected], or tweet them to .

One limitation of the printed magazine is, of course, that we can’t show you videos of the projects inside. Fortunately, we also have this blog. Mike Cook, who is behind Mike’s Pi Bakery, the magazine’s brilliant hardware projects series (not-so-secretly, my favourite bit of the MagPi, and the page I always turn to first), sent me this video of this month’s Pi Bakery build: meet String Pong. Love it. You’ll find a complete tutorial in this month’s magazine.

If you want to try before you buy (and please do buy – every penny The MagPi makes goes straight back into the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s charitable work), a free download of the magazine is always available. You’ll find copies in WHSmith and many other British newsagents; in a couple of weeks, US readers will find The MagPi on the shelves in Microcenter and Barnes & Noble; and readers all over the world can subscribe to receive the magazine on their own doorsteps.