Start your Raspberry Pi software collection

Attentive readers of our forum may have seen our friend Vgrade, who has been doing development on one of the alpha boards, post a video of a little distribution he built on Mer, with QtCreator (which is indeed cute) installed, a couple of days ago. Mer’s light footprint makes it ideal for use on the Raspberry Pi, and you may have seen some of the Qt demos we’ve been showcasing on this blog. With this package (all open source, of course) you’ll be able to use the Raspberry Pi to write software in Qt and QML.

Vgrade has just released the files on his website with installation instructions (scroll to the bottom of his post for the download). If you’ve got an SD card going spare at home, you might want to copy these files to it and get your Raspberry Pi distro library off to a good start before we ship next month.