Some TV coverage from today

As RS Electronics and element14/Premier Farnell are preparing over the weekend to send out the first boards, we’ve had some more TV coverage which you might enjoy. For some reason, ITN is using Vimeo (why does anyone use Vimeo?), so I’ll link to the article and video on their site rather than embedding it here – you’ll see packing going on towards the end of the video. One of those boxes might have your Raspi in it.

We also had a spot on Newsround today (Newsround is the BBC’s news program for kids). As usual with these broadcast videos, the web version doesn’t have captions, but the fella with the beard is Professor Alan Mycroft, one of our Trustees; and the younger guy in the lab is Alex Bradbury, a PhD student at the University of Cambridge and one of our most stalwart volunteer developers. I really enjoyed watching this – it’s another piece where a kid is given a Raspberry Pi to play with (in this case, Ivo is using Scratch for the first time), and his reaction is just great.

Here’s a bonus picture of Eben partway through loading our car up with half of that pallet of Raspis you saw in the pictures from last week, to take to the distributors. (The nice thing about the Raspberry Pi is that it’s so tiny, you can easily fit a thousand in an estate car at a time if you put the back seats down.) We won’t have to do this again, thankfully; from now on, element14 and RS are making them and shipping them to the distribution sites themselves.

Scep, one of our forum members, found a bain marie in a skip last week. For those wondering, the skip here is full of garden waste, not Raspberry Pis..

There should be more of this sort of thing to come in the next week, as Raspberry Pis start shipping. Watch this space!