Some little bits and bobs of news – and more photos

A post for little bits of news that didn’t really fit in anywhere else.

First of all, we’ve added a new page to the bar at the top. It’s a list of trademark rules; we’ve been getting a lot of questions from you about using the words “Raspberry Pi” or the logo on websites, books or products, so we thought we should put the rules in a central place. As always, you can mail me if you’ve got any questions.

Pete Lomas, who did the hardware design for the final version of the Raspberry Pi, did a blog post for element14 yesterday about his experience of the compliance stuff we’re working through this week. It’s well worth a read, and he’s said he’ll drop by to answer any questions you might have here later, so leave a comment if you’d like to ask anything.

And finally, some of you were asking whether there were any photos of the Raspberry Pis we have already in the UK. (We showed you some pictures from the factory the other day.) Jack, trustee extraordinaire and our COO, sent me these. Sadly, he has not done the hostage proof-of-life thing by making the pallet hold today’s newspaper, nor has he balanced a cucumber sandwich and a cup of tea on the Raspberry Pis to demonstrate that they are in England; but they’re here, waiting to go out to you as soon as EM tests are passed and the CE docs are filed.

Pallet of pis

Palletised Pis

Boxes of Pis

I’m wondering if this counts as the first unboxing post!


Each of these little boxes holds 50 Raspberry Pis.

Box of pi

We’re really pleased they pack down so neatly – one of the reasons we aimed for a footprint as small as possible was to ensure shipping costs for schools and other institutions around the world would be nice and low. You could outfit two classrooms with what’s in this box alone.


Unboxing continues

Jack’s removed  one from the box (remember, it’s the size of a pack of cards) and put it on top so you can get an idea of scale.