Some Friday video

One of our mods pointed me at this superb video from HomoFaciens. The first part is an elegant introduction to the Raspberry Pi, and the second contains the best example of the sort of things you can achieve with interfacing the Raspberry Pi we’ve seen so far – there are some simply remarkable hardware projects on display in the latter half of the video, and I really, really encourage you to find 14 minutes to sit down and watch it all the way through.

As if that wasn’t enough, HomoFaciens has also made the video available in German.

I’m in awe. I can’t imagine how HomoFaciens has had the time to put together all this hardware, do a load of benchmarking and film and edit this video in two languages. Thanks HF!

Update, Aug 14: Homo Faciens has put up a page with more information about the I/O boards he put together for these projects, since so many of you have asked here and on the forums!