A sneak peek at some content from our new website

As you may have gathered from large hints we’ve been dropping, we’re partway through a complete redesign and overhaul of this website. All the stuff that you’re familiar with here will be staying, but there will also be lots of new content, easy-to-download projects, and areas for teachers, learners and makers with classroom materials, worksheets and much more.

The new site will come online (as a beta – we’ll be looking for your feedback later) in the spring; right now we’re working on architecture, design, and, most importantly, content. (I’m sure you have lots of suggestions about what we should be doing, but we’ve got a lot of stuff in train at the moment, and so we’d really appreciate it if you could wait until the beta release before you unleash your ideas on us!)

One question we felt we weren’t adequately addressing with the website as it is, is something we get asked very often: What is a Raspberry Pi? You can tell people it’s a small, cheap computer, but that doesn’t seem to cover the whole answer. So we asked Saladhouse Animation in Manchester to make this video, which will be one of the first things a new visitor to the site will see. We think it’s brilliant: we hope you do too!

Sam Alder at Saladhouse has been heading up the project, and he’s been just brilliant to work with. Marcus Alexander worked on the sound design. Amy Mather, European Digital Girl of the Year 2013, who was interviewed by the BBC this week about kids’ programming, provided the voiceover. A VERY big thank you to all of you, and to the whole team at Saladhouse!