Sense HAT egg drop game

Here’s a little game for your Raspberry Pi and Sense HAT from Dan Aldred. Dan’s a UK teacher (one of those people you wish had been YOUR teacher when you were a kid). So, as always with a Dan resource, he’s made the code available on GitHub to make made sure that kids (and adults) can build the game themselves, and learn plenty of useful stuff while they’re at it.

Raspberry Pi SenseHat Egg Drop Game #

Egg Drop is a simple game where eggs fall from the top of the SenseHat. The egg falls toward the ground under the influence of gravity! You have a basket which you can use to catch the eggs. If you catch one, then you gain one point and your score goes up.

The Sense HAT‘s perfect for building this kind of activity; Sense HAT games using the motion sensors, the humidity sensor (we’ve had some fun coming up with Boppit clones you have to blow on) and the accelerometers. See if you can come up with something that uses the magnetometer and the temperature sensor. If you’re already using one, you’re in good company: there are two on the ISS as part of the Astro Pi programme. (Brace yourselves, ‘cos there’s no gravity.)

Thanks Dan!