Sense HAT Christmas projects

Just imagine: you’re elbows deep in Christmas cheer, and the rest of the family wants to know what that chunk of circuit board you found in the toe of your stocking does. Here are some demonstrations for them.

First up, here’s a neat little project for those of you who have lost the dice from your favourite Christmas board game. (I swear my Mum hides the dice so she doesn’t have to join in.) Meet the Sense HAT dice (or die), from Giles Booth.

RaspberryPi dice

Shake the Pi to roll the die – uses a SenseHAT to detect movement and display the dice graphic. Code & info here:

The code he’s used is very pleasingly tight and tidy (we expect nothing less of you, UK teachers); you can find it on his website.

What about a using your Sense HAT to build a Christmas ornament? Here’s a tree (sideways for arcane reasons we do not understand) from Jesús Chitty, with the code you’ll need to make your own available on GitHub.

Raspberry Pi Xmas Tree

Using Sense Hat to decorate your Pi on Xmas

Dan Fisher (@fluffywyvern on Twitter, who’s new at Pi Towers and sits opposite me – hi Dan!) has made a video of his Sense HAT running one of our website resources: the Marble Maze. You can learn how to make your own, and find out about pitch, roll and yaw and how the Sense HAT’s gyroscopes work, here in our resources section.


We’ve got lots more resources you can build with your Sense HAT (and plenty for which you won’t need any add-ons at all) this Christmas – let us know if you make any in the comments, and please take some video!