Scooter with blinkenlights

Alex Markley, a programmer, writer and comedian, has a young relative who, thanks to a Model A Raspberry Pi, some Adafruit Neopixels, some sensors and a scooter is currently the world’s happiest nine-year-old.

Der Schooter Blinkenlichten

Wifi-enabled scooter mod for lights, fun, and profit! Raspberry Pi Model A (stripped down so it would fit!) Parallax MMA7455 3-Axis Accelerometer Adafruit Neopixels WiFi module for logging in (SSH) and programming. Lots of work and coding! Music: Prophetica – networq blind

I asked Alex if he’s written the project up – he says he’s working on it. We’ll add a link to any build instructions he produces as soon as they’re available.