Review videos from the BBC, CNET Asia

Fortunately for us all, I did find some coffee on arrival in America (not to mention a macrobiotic breakfast involving a surprising amount of raw cabbage – you’ve got to love California). A whole day away from the network means I’ve got a great big heap of email, so I’ll be a bit quiet on the forums and Twitter today while I deal with it and this afternoon’s meetings.

Our friend Rory Cellan-Jones at the BBC has been tinkering with a Raspberry Pi with the help of Isabell Long, an 18-year old A-level student. Thanks to both!

CNET Asia calls the Raspberry Pi a “very inedible pocket-sized computer”. We’d say that was pretty much on the money.

More reviews are popping up at the moment as more people get their hands on units (we notice that many element14 customers have been getting delivery date emails today). I’ll be putting some of the more interesting ones up here as they appear.