Remote twerking robot

Dan Aldred, of Pig Love Pi Glove fame, has been working on a new project. He’s been using an Energenie Pi-mote IR sensor board with his Pi to record the signals from a remote control and then transmit these signals back to a device. Why? So that he can control this robot and its (frankly disturbing) twerking from a number of platforms: his Raspberry Pi, Python, Twitter or even a webpage.

The tech’s very clever, Dan, but I’m just unable to get past the fact that the thing appears to have buttocks in certain configurations.

If you want to use your Energenie in a similar fashion, you’ll find typically full and detailed instructions on Dan’s website. We’re big fans of Energenie’s Pi-mote add-on, and there are lots of uses for them outside twerking robots. (I use one at home with an IR sensor to control the lights when we open the front door, because the switch is really stupidly far away when you’re stumbling in the dark; Gordon has one he uses seasonally on his Christmas tree; and Rachel has built one into her home-made sous-vide cooking kit.) All that said, I think this is probably the most entertaining use of one we’ve seen yet – thank you Dan, and more power to your robot’s rear end.