RasPiO – new breakout boards from Alex Eames

Alex Eames started doing amazing things with the Raspberry Pi very shortly after we launched. He runs RasPi.TV, and he’s become a good friend of the Raspberry Pi project over the last couple of years. RasPi.TV is a really terrific blog and YouTube channel dedicated to all things Pi, and in recent months Alex has also been branching out into Raspberry Pi peripherals: you may well have seen his extremely successful HDMIPi Kickstarter last year.

The latest addition to Alex’s stable is a range called RasPiO: at launch, it’s a selection of three new expansion boards for your Pi.

There’s a GPIO labeller; an expansion board that takes male or female wires; and another expansion board with a protection circuit for each GPIO port. We think they’re great: extremely simple, phenomenally useful, and very keenly priced. Here’s Alex to explain what it’s all about.

You can read more about RasPiO at RasPi.TV. We’ll be ordering some ourselves for Pi Towers, once we’re all done with the work on our new website (coming real soon now – we’re very much on the final stretch!) and have some time to play again.