Raspbmc – final version released

News for all you media-player types from Sam Nazarko, the terrifyingly young developer of Raspbmc:

Although the Raspberry Pi’s real goal is education, its powerful GPU has made the device very popular amongst HTPC tinkerers and enthusiasts.

I’ve been working on Raspbmc for a year and am now happy to announce the final release and congratulate XBMC on such a remarkable new release. Raspbmc is a self-updating Linux distribution that brings XBMC to the Raspberry Pi with simple installation. It can be run off an SD card, USB drive or even an NFS share and fully supports WiFi out of the box.

Raspbmc comes with AirPlay, PVR, 1080p playback and much more. You can read more about what Raspbmc can do at www.raspbmc.com/about and be up and running in less than 20 minutes.


Sam’s got a little more to say about things Raspbmc in a post on his blog about this final version of the software. Nice one, Sam – thanks!