Raspbmc announced: an XBMC for Raspberry Pi

We’ve just seen an announcement via Sam Nazarko, who blogs as Stm Labs saying that www.raspbmc.com will be going live (I’ll add a link when the site is up) very soon  is live now. Head over there to read about some of the features that’ll be incorporated; it looks like Sam answering questions in the post comments there too, so drop in on him before he’s worn out!

(I should point out that we’re not going to be able to answer any other than the most general of questions about Raspbmc here – the Raspberry Pi team isn’t involved in developing Raspbmc, but we’re just as excited about it as you are.)

Update: there was a bit of confusion on our part about exactly who was behind this distro; turns out that Stm labs are not working with the official XBMC team, but this is still great news, and we’re looking forward to seeing the results. Here’s an email from XBMC:

Thanks for the enthusiasm regarding XBMC on the pi! Though, please be aware the XBMC team is not involved with Raspbmc (it came as news to most of us). Obviously we appreciate the help and wish them the best, but we don’t want anyone to be confused about who’s doing what. The XBMC team works on the application, then projects like OpenElec, CrystalBuntu, Raspbmc package them up into various distributions. It’s all one big happy ecosystem, but different groups of devs can obviously only support certain things.

Would appreciate if you could change the first sentence and title to clarify that XBMC team will be working to improve the experience on the rPi, and that various distros like raspbmc will give you choices for how to deploy it, but we’re not the same organizations.