Raspberry Pi rev2 template with mounting holes

Thank you to Adafruit for bringing my attention to this!

Raspberry Pi Spy has created a handy little template of the v2 Raspberry Pi, complete with mounting holes and the location of ports and other components, for you to use in your projects. Case designers and people wanting to mount the Pi securely for robotics and other projects that move around a lot will find this particularly helpful.

For print, ensure that the image is sized as a 85x56mm rectangle. Click to enlarge.

Visit the most excellent Raspberry Pi Spy for printable PDFs of this template (where the image is pre-sized for you) and discussion of what size screws you’ll need for those holes, along with much more Raspberry Pi goodness. A word of warning: Pete Lomas always asks me not to refer to the holes, which are there to aid the robots in the production process, as mounting holes. (Don’t look at the title, Pete.) This is because enthusiastic screwdriver wranglers can compress and fatally crush the PCB by tightening screws too firmly. If you screw your board to something, you’re doing so at your own risk!