Raspberry Pi on Newsnight tonight

Providing nothing spectacularly newsworthy happens between now and 10.30pm in the UK, tonight’s Newsnight on BBC2 will be talking about computing in schools. David Braben, one of our trustees, has been interviewed by the program, and some other friends of the Raspberry Pi foundation have been talking to them too (including Alex Evans of Media Molecule, who is one of the giant brains behind Little Big Planet, and was directly responsible for Eben and me meeting each other back when we were all at university together – although I doubt he mentions that on camera).

Updated to add: here’s the whole clip, along with the studio discussion that bookends it, on YouTube so folks outside the UK can watch it.

There’s some lovely footage of the Raspberry Pi running Scratch, which I hope gives you a feel for the sort of educational application we’re excited about putting on the device!