Vote for Raspberry Pi in the T3 awards. (And watch Eben on telly.)

The Raspberry Pi has been nominated for a T3 Gadget Award, in the innovation of the year category. We’d love it if you could spend a minute voting for us. We are up against a £6690 electric quad bike/tortoise hybrid with rentable batteries and a Nike wristband that uses blinky lights to make you feel guilty if you sit down too much (and, somewhat closer to our hearts, the MakerBot 3d printer), among other 2012 gadgets.

If you are the sort of UK person who believes that Sunday has a morning, and you also believe that that morning is best spent in front of the TV, Eben’s on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch programme tomorrow, which starts at 10am. I shall be watching from my Mum and Dad’s house, with a bacon sandwich and a bad attitude; he seems to have neatly avoided being on in the same week as either Rufus Wainwright or Marina and the Diamonds, both of whom were recent guests. Fun fact: Marina made my little (not so little: he’s 30 next month) brother a carrot cake this Christmas. We are a super-glamorous family, what with all this breakfast TV and celebrity cake.