Raspberry Pi Foundation US Hackspace Tour

Rob Bishop is one of the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s developers and a super-enthusiastic tech-evangelist type. He’s volunteered to go visit a number of hackspaces in the US in a sort of Regency Grand Tour style (only with aeroplanes and a backpack full of computers) to spread the word about Raspberry Pi and to give some hands-on workshops to help kickstart your projects.

The events at each hackspace will consist of an informal talk, Q&A session, demo and hands-on workshop. He’s also going to run a show-and-tell session to allow you guys to come and share your projects with rest of the community and he’ll award prizes on behalf of the Foundation for the best project at each event; we’re also organising some small giveaways. And yes, we will be selling Raspberry Pi’s on site! Eben and I are hoping that we might be able to join him at one or two of the venues too; watch this space.

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The current tour schedule is as follows:

18th September – Make.SI (Staten Island, NY) – Evening event, starts at 7pm – Sign-up
19th September – NYResistor (Brooklyn, NY) – Evening event, starts at 6pm – Sign-up
22nd September – HackManhattan (NYC, NY) – All day event – Sign-up
23rd September – Alpha One Labs (Brooklyn, NY) – All day event – Sign-up
26th September – HacDC (Washington DC) – Evening event, starts at 7:30pm – Details
29th September – Noisebridge (San Francisco, CA) – All day event – Details
30th September – Hacker Dojo (Mountain View, CA) – Afternoon event, starts at 1pm – Details
2nd October – Nullspace Labs (LA, CA) – Evening event, starts at 7pm
3rd October – 23b Shop (Fullerton, CA) – Evening event, starts at 7pm
6th October – ATX Hackspace (Austin, Texas) – Evening event, starts at 6pm – Details

The sign-ups for the events are being handled by the hackspaces themselves, so please go and visit their websites and/or sign-up pages if you want to attend. While you’re there we encourage you to sign-up to their mailing lists so that you keep up to date and find out about other hacker/maker events in your local area.

We’re pathetically excited about this; we can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to and really hope that we can help encourage you all to go and support your local hackspace. We can’t wait to see some of the amazing projects that you’ve all been working on as well.

Apologies if we aren’t planning to visit your hackspace on the tour; Rob only has a limited amount of time on this trip and has had to limit the tour to ten destinations. We do intend to be be making more worldwide hackspace visits in the near future (not just in the US), so if you would like us to visit your hackspace please let us know in the comments and we’ll see what we can do!

Rob Bishop

A picture of Rob for identification purposes. He is, as you can see, much cooler than the rest of us and can wear Aviators without looking daft.

Rob will be posting updates from the meetups at all the hackspaces on his trip and you’ll be able to follow him via @rob_bishop on Twitter. We’ll also be blogging about the best bits from across the tour right here. Thanks Rob! Make sure you sign up to an air miles program!