Raspberry Pi at Sci Fi London Horizons: video

Eben and I were at the Sci Fi London Horizons event at the British Film Institute on Sunday, talking about the Raspberry Pi to a room full of Spectrum fans who were there to celebrate the Speccy’s 30th birthday.

Official Friend of Pi, Andrew Edney, who took the video of Eben’s talk at the BBC Micro’s 30th anniversary, was also at Sci Fi London Horizons, and very kindly recorded this one too. (Fewer people walked in front of his camera this time.) Bill Marshall from RS joined Eben after his talk for a Q&A. And there’s a bonus in the last three minutes, when I leap into frame and start talking at about a hundred miles an hour. Apologies; cameras and microphones scare me half to death. The result is that I can’t understand my first two sentences, and you won’t either. The rest should make approximate sense, though.

Andrew’s put a blog post up about the day too – head over and have a read!