Raspberry-flavoured haunted house

Remember Amelia and Oliver? Earlier this year, aged seven and five, they programmed, soldered, modeled and painted a simply fantastic school project that we featured here. (We liked the Bee Box so much that we’re including something very similar in the primary school materials we’re working on at the moment.) This Halloween, with some help from Dad, Amelia and Oliver have used a Raspberry Pi to rig up their house to scare any trick-or-treaters who might visit tomorrow. Here are a witch, Dracula and a pirate, to talk you through what they did.

Dracu-Dad has documented how they set the whole thing up, using the doorbell as a trigger for the whole audiovisual extravaganza. We’re expecting some more from him after Halloween itself; he’s planning on videoing the reaction of visiting trick-or-treaters.

Only tangentially related to the matter at hand, but so damn cute that there was no way I could keep it to myself, here’s a picture from another reader, Andrew Waite. This is Andrew’s daughter, Grace, in her BBC Micro Owl costume, accompanied by her cat for Halloween. I predict a great future for this particular 14-month-old. We hope everybody has a great time tomorrow evening, and we hope that plenty of you are putting your Pis to good use this Halloween. Check out all the posts under the Halloween tag for ideas, and stay safe!