Quick update from RS

Just landed in San Francisco for Maker Faire – please come and visit us if you’re in the area this weekend!  (I’m near death – this is my fourth trip to and from the US this year, and my soul still thinks it’s somewhere over Iceland.) I found this in my inbox from Jo. RS customers take note!

Hi Everyone. Just a quick update for you on the information Liz posted here on Friday.

As promised last week, we have started inviting the next customers in our queue to place their orders for a Raspberry Pi. Delivery dates for these orders will be through June and July.

By this time next week we expect to have invited everyone that registered for a Raspberry Pi with RS on the first day – some 100,000 of you – to place your order. We’ll also have an update on expected availability for those left in the queue.

As always we will be regularly updating our FAQs and sending further updates to Liz to put on the Raspberry Pi website.

Best wishes

Jo & all the RS Raspberry Pi Team