Qt5 and the Raspberry Pi

The Qt community has been doing some great stuff with their Raspberry Pis. (It’s been pointed out to me in the comments that half of you don’t know what Qt is. Here’s Wikipedia on the subject, which is less long-winded than I would be.) First up, some video from Kaitsu, who ported his Qt5 Cinematic Experience demo to the Pi (watch those shaders go!):

Sources and more are available at Kaitsu’s blog.

Then there’s this Qt5 Wayland compositor demo from Samuel Rødal.

Samuel says that this Wolfenstein/workspace mashup also runs on the Pi. (Source code for this one is on Github, and we love it.)

And then there’s this trail emitters demo from Topguyz.

Demos like this get very excited about what you might be able to see on the Raspberry Pi soon. There’s potential to do some really cool stuff with the Pi and Qt5; and we’ve a feeling that the surface has barely been scratched. Seen or made something brilliant with Qt5 on a Raspberry Pi? Let us know!