A QR-code poster for all you guerrilla marketing types

Jonas Butz, a high school student from Germany, was on Twitter the other day, and showed us a rather excellent QR code poster pointing at this website which he’d made after a hard day’s designing Lego cases. We retweeted it, and it turned out to be extremely popular, so I’ve asked his permission to post it here so those of you who don’t do the Twitter thing can see it and download it.

Raspberry Pi QR code

Jonas has made the QR code available as a .png file, so you can download it by right-clicking on the image, enlarge it to whatever size you fancy, print it out and stick it all over your school or place of work to entice people to visit our website. Spread the word – and thank you, Jonas!

(Edit: the original QR code was occasionally not being recognised by people using Barcode Scanner on Android devices – we’d had some reports of it working most, but not all of the time. Jonas has also made this version, with a slightly smaller raspberry in the middle of it, which Barcode Scanner seems to be much happier with.)