Putting out feelers: Compute Module Symposium

It’s been a few months since we originally announced the Compute Module. Now we’re beginning to see orders from industrial customers, and designs incorporating it hitting various crowd funding websites, we thought it might be time to have a get-together to share a little!

The Compute Module is not a consumer product. It was developed specifically to help our industrial customers. There are a lot of businesses out there using standard Raspberry Pis inserted into their products: the Compute Module allows them to redevelop their products to be smaller and to address their task more specifically. Over the past few months we’ve seen new products being developed through the Raspberry Pi forums and on social media, and we thought it was about time to think a little more seriously about how we can help.

Gordon tests CM

The other day I was talking with the team at ARM about their Connected Community, and it rang a bell with me about what we’re trying to do with the Compute Module on a slightly different scale. So I thought a developer symposium would be a great way to get people who are interested in the Compute Module together to discuss their projects and designs.

So we’re putting out a call for participation/presentations/papers. We want to invite people who are using the Compute Module in their own products to take part, and we will also give at least the following 30 minute presentations:

  • James Adams – Hardware design with the compute module
  • Gordon Hollingworth – Software design and platform configuration with the compute module
  • Gordon Hollingworth – Compute module automated test development for high volume production

We’ll also be available during the symposium to discuss designs individually, and to help direct people in the right way of doing things.

We have not yet set a date because we don’t know what demand will look like. So if you’re not interested in presenting please tell us what you would like to see from the event, and what you’d like to learn: we’ll see if we can incorporate that into the symposium.

For presentations please send a short abstract (150 odd words will do) explaining what you’d like to talk about to [email protected] And let us know if you’d be interested in coming in the comments below too, so we can gauge interest.