Programming the Raspberry Pi webinar with Eben, April 4

I can’t believe I’ve just typed the word “webinar”. It’s a horrible neologism – right up there with “mentee” and “edutainment”. Still, a webinar is what Eben’s* doing, so that’s what we’re having to call it. We hope all you mentees will find it edutaining.

A monster hand attached to a tiny person.

Eben’s hosting this (deep breath) webinar with Element 14 on April 4 at 2pm GMT. (Edit – as people are mentioning in the comments, you may be thrown off here by daylight saving. 2pm GMT is 3pm BST, and 10am EST for our friends who want to work the time out using a standard closer to home.) The subject matter will suit beginners, and should be pretty interesting for those of you who are hardened hackers too. He’ll be showing you how to:

  • download and install the Operating System on the SD card
  • run the boot up script
  • use the script editor and begin to create applications using the presupplied Python scripts

If you want to attend, you’ll need to sign up for the event at Element 14’s website. We hope to see you there – we’re looking forward to it!

Edited to add: We’ve checked with Element14, and a video of the webinar will be made available for those of you who can’t attend because you’re at work, it’s 2am where you live, etc. etc. You’ll have to be an Element14 member to watch, but we’ll make sure you have instructions on how to sign up and view when it’s released.

*If you are wondering: “Who the hell is Eben?”, we suggest a visit to the About page.