Pricing matrix update from element14/Premier Farnell

The folks at element14 have just emailed me to ask me to let you know about an update to the pricing table for the Raspberry Pi they put out a couple of weeks ago. The update addresses a couple of errors in the previous version, in particular the slip-ups (they said I should call these “unforgivable”, which is awfully nice of them, but given some of the mistakes I make round here from time to time, I think we’ll let it slide) where Italy was left out, and the delivery charges which were being made in error in Australia. They’ve asked me to pass on their apologies, and to say that they commit that all orders will be charged at the price shown here, unless the previous price you ordered at was lower, in which case that price will be honoured. There are also sales tax updates on the grid where relevant.

There are also a few changes and clarifications in response to specific questions some of you raised here on the forums:

  • Greece and Southern Cyprus are classified as EU (VAT rates differ according to which countries they’re VAT registered for).
  • Element14/Premier Farnell will be able to take consumer credit card orders from all European countries from tomorrow morning, Wednesday 28th March
    [[Liz edit, 8pm Mar 27 – Our friend J from element14 just emailed to say:  It seems that the system will go live but initially access will be restricted to the thousands and thousands of customers who have registered interest and have waited patiently to place their orders so it will be next week before its open access to all. I have seriously upset our IT department…]] when their new Export website goes live (the new Export website will be at the same URL as the current site). This means an end to the sales to businesses only.
  • They will be handling all consumer transactions through their UK business, and this means the card transactions will be taken in £GBP, constrained by their current card processing capability. This means that the price is shown in the currency in which you’ll be charged (i.e. £ GPB and not € Euros.) You will then see the transaction on your card statement in the appropriate currency, as worked out by your card company.

Here’s the whole grid (click to enlarge) – WordPress and Word don’t play nicely together when it comes to tables, so I’ve had to take a screengrab:

Element14/Premier Farnell pricing matrix

Element14/Premier Farnell pricing matrix