Poster competition update #1

We’re moving offices at the moment (a long and agonising process which is taking us a few weeks), and we’ll be using the posters you sent us to decorate our new meeting room. We made this video of the hundreds of posters we received through the post. It’s worth viewing this in full-screen mode while hovering over the pause button so you can have a closer look at some of them: the imagination and the bonkers spellings of “Raspberry” on display really made us smile. (Posters which were emailed to us will appear in a separate post later this week. There were lots.)

You’ll remember that we launched a poster competition before Christmas, along with a schools giveaway. We’d put together 2000 Raspberry Pi kits with our friends from Google for the occasion, and we thought that would be enough for everybody.

Then the entries started coming in. 2000 definitely wasn’t enough. So we’ve upped the allocation of Pis to more than 5000 – if you’re a teacher who asked for kits for the classroom, we’ll be in touch later in the month to explain what we’ll be sending you and how we’re dividing the schools allocation up.

We got so many individual poster entries from kids that we’re having to hire someone to come in for a couple of days to administer all the entry forms and help us sort out the logistics of getting Pis to people. Everybody who sent us a poster will be getting a Pi in return (nearly everybody: about five entries were from kids who just scribbled RASBERYPIE in pencil in the middle of a piece of paper, or who sent us a screenshot of our own website – given the quality of the other posters we felt we couldn’t reward those entries, and we have not displayed them). And I’m really sorry, but we’ve also had to disqualify posters which were put in the mail after the deadline.

We thought some of the posters in the video above were so good that we wanted to send an extra reward to the kids who made them. We’ll be giving you a closer look at the ones we’ve picked out next week. We liked some of the ideas you sent in so much that we’re going to be turning them into real projects and making learning resources around them, which you’ll be able to use at home or in lessons at school later in the year.

We’ll be showing you the posters we received by email in a separate post later on.  Thank you to everybody who entered! (And yes, we know that one of the ceiling tiles needs replacing.)