Planes, trains…

Eben and I are off on a work trip to the US tomorrow, so we won’t be posting here, in the forums or on Twitter for the day. Normal service will resume on Friday, provided I can find some decent coffee.

Bits of news: it turns out that the very first person to place an order for a Raspberry Pi with element14 in Australia was an engineer from the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, which hosts a large permanent collection of computing history. There are some nice pictures of the first unit on that continent being delivered here. Australian and NZ orders took a bit longer to reach customers because they’d gone from China to Cambridge to Leeds to Australia. From now on, they’ll be shipping direct from China, so the wait won’t be as long.

We sent press units out at the end of last week, and the first reviews have started to surface in magazines. PC Pro magazine has given us five out of six stars – they’re the first to publish a review, but we hope more will emerge as the week goes on. Keep an eye out for more!