Every now and then, somebody rocks up in the comments section here, or posts on Twitter, telling us we’re stupid: why would you spend time building yourself a custom piece of electronics kit using a Raspberry Pi when you can buy an equivalent thing in a shiny package off the shelf?

This is not the shiny packaging I'm talking about.

This is not the shiny package I’m talking about.

We presume that these people live on a diet of cup noodles and instant coffee; never listen to live music or go to the theatre; and lead what are in general sad, joyless existences.

Here is an example (a joyous one) of something you could find in stores which clearly gave Josh Williams, its maker, a great deal of entertainment and satisfaction to build: a camera and mount for your telescope or binoculars. All Raspberry Pi-based, of course.


It’s a thing of beauty – and the pictures it takes aren’t too shabby, either. Here’s a squirrel.

OK. One last time. These are small...but the ones out there are far away.

OK. One last time. These are small…but the ones out there are far away.

Josh has made full build instructions available over at Instructables, accompanied by this rather spiffy video.

PiNoculars Overview Final

Uploaded by Josh Williams on 2015-11-15.

Thanks very much, Josh: beautiful piece of work. (And we really liked the squirrel.)