PiHub – a robust powered hub, made especially for your Raspberry Pi

Here’s Pimoroni’s latest.

We love Pimoroni. Their history as a company has been very intricately linked with ours, starting from the day that Paul Beech won the competition to design our logo back in 2011. Since then he’s gone from being a penniless graphic designer to owning a small factory with his friend Jon Williamson, and employing a growing group of people in Sheffield, all on the back of his work with Raspberry Pi. They’ve become an incredibly valuable part of the Pi ecosystem (we’re teaming up with them for Maker Faire NY later this month – come and visit us at the Pimoroni stand), and have been crazy-busy manufacturing cases and accessories for the Pi, running our Swag Store (please buy some swag – every penny of profit goes to support our charitable aims and educate kids), and bringing manufacturing and employment back to a part of England that really needs it. They’re also extraordinarily nice people. (Jon is a vegetarian, but he’s so lovely that we don’t hold it against him.)

PiHub is a sign of the way things are moving at Pimoroni: you may have noticed that until recently, they were only making things they could laser cut. Recently they took delivery of a pick and place machine, have done a lot of work with PCB design packages, and have started producing electronics too. PiGlow was their first product in the range: PiHub comes about because they spotted that not all powered hubs are created equal, and that many of you are looking for a hub designed especially to work with your Raspberry Pi.

And they’re made in Pimoroni’s workshop in the UK. Let’s take a quick trip through the arched window:

PiHub retails at Pimoroni and at Cyntech for £13.95 on its own, and £19.95 with a 3000mA power supply. We think that’s an insanely good deal. It’s made in the UK, it’s made with your Pi in mind, we think it’s adorable (there’s one on my desk, one on Emma’s desk and one on Gordon’s desk at the moment), and we love watching Pimoroni go from strength to strength.

Alex at RasPi.TV has had a prototype PiHub to play with for a while, and has put together this video introducing it. Let us know what you think of it too – and thanks to Paul, Jon and everybody at Pimoroni!