Quick housekeeping note: thanks for all the kind birthday wishes! We’re going to be celebrating tomorrow on March 1, not today on Feb 28. Prof Alan Mycroft wants me to point you all at the Pirates of Penzance, whose protagonist has a leap-year problem similar to the Foundation’s. We’ll have a (lengthy) blog post for you tomorrow about the anniversary.

Ryan Walmsley is 16, and he’s been a core member of our online community since we launched almost exactly a year ago, running fundraisers for the Foundation, making tools like the Rastrack map for us, and learning a lot of Python along the way. He’s noticed that one thing we lack around here is a central repository for projects, so he’s set one up himself.

Pideas is a place for you to add your own projects. There are fields where you can list the necessary tools and expertise, and you can link to your own bit of the web if you’ve written about your project on your own website; or to Github if you’ve got some code you want to share. Ryan’s got plans for adding ratings and a search system to the site, but first, he needs your submissions.

Right now you’ll find a tweeting letterbox, a Twitter Furby, a robotics platform, a servo-mounted webcam, a weather station and other goodies. We’d love to see Pideas become a useful resource for the whole community, and we need you to submit your own projects to swell the database. Have at it – and tell Ryan we sent you!