phpBB forum beta test

Since Christmas, we’ve been using the Simple:Press plugin for WordPress to run our forum. Recently however, the amount of traffic has increased to the point where we need to move to phpBB to keep our server load under control. I’ve ported a snapshot of the current forum across into a phpBB install here; please have a play and report any issues you find under this post. Note:

  • You should be able to use your Simple:Press user name and password to log in to phpBB. Luckily both systems use the same password hashing algorithm.
  • Posts on the new forum will be lost when we do the final migration. For now, please treat phpBB as a sandpit, and continue to use the Simple:Press forum for “real” posts.
  • We will not be migrating private messages to the new forum. Please take this opportunity to take a backup of any messages you wish to keep after the migration.

Bizarrely, there didn’t seem to be any good publicly-available migration scripts, so I had to roll my own. Once we’ve ironed out any bugs, I’ll post the Python source here.