phpBB forum beta test: round two

Many thanks to everyone who provided feedback on the previous round of phpBB beta testing. I’ve fixed most of the issues that were identified and applied Paul’s stylish new look and feel, so it’s time for another round of testing. As before, I’ve placed a snapshot of the current forum here; please have a play and report any issues you find under this post.

Major fixes:

  • Imported topic authors now identified correctly.
  • Imported posts are now searchable.
  • ReCAPTCHA has been enabled for new users.

Current known issues:

  • The top navigation bar is broken under Internet Explorer 8 and earlier.
  • I haven’t filled in the board name or forum descriptions yet.

We’ll run with this for a day, and if nothing too serious is identified, we’ll replace the existing forums with this version. Permalinks to old forum posts and topics will continue to work correctly.