NOOBS v1.3.3 available

If you got a Raspberry Pi for Christmas, check out this post for some suggestions on how to get started.

The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed that the NOOBS minor revision number on the downloads page crept up by one at the end of the day on Christmas Eve. This release incorporates updated versions of Arch, Raspbian and Raspbmc.

Check out the release notes for each distribution for more details. Highlights for Raspbian include:

  • New firmware and 3.10 kernel, with numerous functionality improvements.
  • New hardware-accelerated X driver included and enabled by default.
  • Mathematica and the Wolfram Language installed by default.
  • Updated Scratch image.
  • PyPy 2.2, with incremental garbage collection.
  • Our new V4L2 camera driver, and an updated v4l-utils package.

Thanks to Dom Cobley (for firmware and kernel), Maciej Fijalkowski and Armin Rigo (for PyPy), Tim Rowledge (for Scratch), Vincent Sanders, Luke Diamand, David Stevenson, Tim Gover and Simon Mellor (for V4L2), Alex Newman and the Wolfram Research team (for Mathematica), Siarhei Siamashka and the fbturbo team (for X), Dave Higham (for Arch), Alex Bradbury and Peter Green (for Raspbian) and Sam Nazarko (for Raspbmc).

This release was coordinated by Andrew Scheller, who will be handling NOOBS releasing from now on.

If you have any problems with NOOBS by all means ask here, we’ll try to help, but it’s probably better to head over to the forums.