NOOBS SD cards back in the Swag Store!

The 8GB pre-flashed NOOBS SD cards we had in the Swag Store sold out pretty much immediately: we’ve just had another shipment arrive, so get them while they’re hot. At £4 including VAT, plus £1 UK shipping if you’re not buying other swag or multiple cards (please buy more swag), this is the cheapest way to get 8GB of SD memory you’ll find, and you get NOOBS bundled for free.

These are Class 6* Samsung micro-SD cards in an SD converter. This card has outperformed many Class 10 cards in our tests, because of the way Samsung handle read/write. The cards optimised for random read/write cycles, unlike the vast majority of cards on the market (which are designed for cameras and video cameras, which read and write at very regular intervals).

*Eben says he is to blame for something which will please those of you who already have a NOOBS SD card: we’ve been mis-describing them as Class 4, when they’re actually Class 6. I was hoping there’d be an interesting story behind the mistake, but there isn’t; it’s just boring old human error. Sorry! (And congratulations to all those of you who bought one earlier and are now the proud owners of an even whizzier SD card than you thought.)