Nominet Outstanding Contribution to the UK Internet Award: we won!

Regular readers might remember that a couple of months ago we were shortlisted for a new Outstanding Contribution to the UK Internet Award by Nominet, the body that controls the .uk domain space. Eben, Pete from Mythic Beasts (who keeps this website up and running smoothly despite the fact that more than 100,000 of you visit every day, and thwarts DDOS attacks as if swatting flies) and I went along to the awards ceremony last night. And we ended up winning.

The hairy chap is Pete. You may not recognise Eben because he's not wearing a sci-fi t-shirt, but we're pretty sure it's him. Thanks to Nominet for the pictures.

We really weren’t expecting to win. There were some pretty remarkable people nominated for the same award (Sir Tim Berners-Lee!), so we’d settled down to enjoy the awards dinner and were…moderately shocked to find ourselves leaving with a trophy (the downstairs toilet needs more shelves), a certificate and a bottle of champagne.

Before the ceremony, discussing what extremes we would have to be suffering before resorting to cannibalism. (Really. I blame the pictures on the walls at Saatchi Gallery, which was hosting the evening.)

The worst eight words in the English language: “Liz, would you do a piece to camera?” Some video of me blithering gently and numbly about the magic of the intertubes will appear later next week.

Thanks so much to all of you who voted. Raspberry Pi simply wouldn’t be here without the community; quite apart from the fact that you buy Raspberry Pis, we rely on you guys to show us project ideas we wouldn’t have come up with on our own in a million years; to help us out with software; and to keep us cheerful and enthusiastic. You do a great job – thank you!